Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sasha Baron Cohen To Play Freddie Mercury! People

Sacha Baron Cohen has been signed up to star in a movie about uber-showman rock star Freddie Mercury, GK Films just announced.

OMG! We IDOLIZE Queen, so we’re a bit nervous about this. And excited.

A director hasnt been chosen yet, and Production planned to begin next year. Supposedly, the climax will be the famous Live AID performance.


The rock icons Queen (hail to them) were founded by Mercury in 1971. Freddie was raised in Zanzibar (African coast) and India until his family moved to England when he was a teenager. Queen formed in 1970. He named it. He died on November 24th, 1991 of AIDS.

Baron Cohen’s latest film is “Hugo Cabret” (Martin Scorsese! We guess the outlandish comedien is a serious actor!

You don’t know rock legend until you’ve seen Queen’s historical performance at LIVE AID (and see all parts on youtube.)

Watch a part of the legendary performance here:

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