Sunday, 4 September 2011

Freddie Mercury Lonely Child

Freddie Mercury:
Born in Zanzibar as Farrokh Bulsara on 5th September 1946, was a bit of a lonely child.
Fled to England when he was 17, settling in Feltham. Went to Isleworth Polytechnic college to study art and was reknowned for his interest and skill in music.
Started playing with Brian May and John Taylor and in April 1970 were formally recognised as being a “band”. After some discussion, named it “Queen”, fully aware of the connotations of its name. Went on to be one of the biggest bands of all time.
Famed for his outrageous outfits and stage antics, much loved the world over, he died from the complications of AIDS in November 1991.
Freddie Mercury RIP

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